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In(S)ane Ramblings

Daymares and Nightdreams

Willis Couvillier
3 February
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Willis Couvillier is a writer currently residing in Reno, Nevada. He has been an avid reader of speculative fiction since his youth and has dreamt of writing the same for nearly as long. Currently Will (as he prefers to be known) is working on a number of projects that range through the full spectrum of speculative genre. Also, he has been known to jot down a poem or two, usually speculative, but more often about some real life situation he'd noticed. Will hangs out at on-line writer forums, reads books about the craft, and enjoys a good role-game and occasional CCG. His biblio includes:

"Autumn Peace" published in American Poetry Anthology, Volume III, Number 3-4, FALL/WINTER 1984
"Aneath a Hollow Sky" published in Masterpieces of Modern Verse (APA, 1985)
"I Use My Head Because It's There" published in Masterpieces of Modern Verse (APA, 1985)
"Flights" published in American Poetry Association's Best New Poets of 1986

"Recovering the Heartwood, Chapter 1" published in Iron Saga's Anthology, issue 1, Jan 1987
"Recovering the Heartwood, Chapter 2" published in Iron Saga's Anthology, issue 2, Feb 1987

"Have You Hugged Your Editor Today?" published in the SF and Fantasy Newsletter, Sep 2002

"Inheritance" published in Visual Journeys: A Tribute to Space Artists (Hadley Rille Books, July 2007)
"Heartcry" published in Ruins: Extraterrestrial (Hadley Rille Books, October 2007)
"Atakapa Sunset" published in Abaculus 2007 (Leucrota Press, December 2007)
"Adrift" published in Desolate Places (Hadley Rille Books, February 2008)
"Eyes Delighted" (w/ Tom Williams) online publication (Area 51: Our New Mythology, May-October 2008)
"Haroeris's Favor" published in Ruins Metropolis (Hadley Rille Books, June 2008)
"Touching Peace" (to be) published in Global Warming Aftermaths (Hadley Rille Books, December 2009)

"The Good Son" Honorable Mention from Writers of the Future (2nd quarter, 2008)
"Passage" Honorable Mention from Writers of the Future (3rd quarter, 2009)


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