DAW: Collectors Wanted....

Howdy - been a while!

I'm finishing up a home library and go al my massive paperback collection out of storage. I'm missing only 35 of the original yellow-spine DAW releases, and wondered if anyone on my list are also collectors who might be interested in perhaps trades or selling spares.  If you are, just pot and I can send you a list...I also have many seconds as well in various conditions.


Still here...

Howdy, all!

Yep.  I am still here, still reading.  And writing.  And making plans for convention trips, or rather, for WorldCon this year.  Even have my wife, She-Who-Hates-This-Stuff, set for the San Antonio trip. I'm jazzing about that one!

Writing has started slow this year.  I'm still sorta stuck on having finished all the long-fermenting story ideas I had last year, so the newer work is coming at a more difficult pace.  I only have 10,000 words down so far, with two short completions.  But I did figure out that I can throw down a 500-1000 word beginning pretty quick - these starts might just supply me with my next batch of tales.

I hope to get a theme question out there.  For those of you who have done tales in the superhero genre do you find it harder to work up the hero over the villain?

Anyway, talk later, and great to see everyone still around!

Dusting off the Chair

Been so long since I've posted that I wondered if I have a recluse gene going now....

However, just been busy and tired, so that's all to it.  Here's a bit of updating -

On Writing - finishing the year at 120,000 words and 15 ss completions.  2013?  Well, we'll see.  The writing has become slower and more difficult now that the "easy" stories (those that's been fermenting in mind for a decade or two) has been written.  I hope to reach that goal for a years work.  120k seems neat, specially for someone as slow as I am to get things out.

On Life - eh, been busy, been tired, been ready to veg but not really able to yet. 

On Entertainment - been winding down to a computer game, but finding that computer games that require a stong constant focus are as draining as work. 

On Plans - San Antonio 2013!  I have my WorldCon membership, and will be there (barring life circumstances, of course - made too many plans in the past that fell to that) hoping to meet faces that I've known for years as online friends.  Anyone going?  I'll hang around at autograph tables and the SFWA set-up, day-dreaming of the day I can claim that membership as a cred....

So, I hope all reading this is having a great holiday.  I'm off for another long workday, more tiredness, and probably another spell of dust gathering on this chair.....


Milestone - maybe.

Today I passed my base goal wordage, by not by that much. Only 580 today, some on the edit of the novella, and some on a new (well, old) project start that is the first of my waiting horror stories. I actually put that one aside while I debate on how I need to handle it. I know where it's going, but it is taking me into very graphic, taboo territory. I'm not too sure I want to go that far yet.

I have found that I've reached an interesting point. I do have other beginnings to work on, but having just completed my eighth new story since early March, another novelette at that, the rest I have to work on have slowed for me. All the stories that's been fermenting to a fully rounded form inside this old brain has been done, and now I'm at those works that I actually have to think out. I'm also currently at 77,500 words for the year. Next week should find me at novel wordage, which tells me that at the moderate rate I've been writing I can get a novel or two done a year, with time to do a few short stories as well.

So...I guess I have a few things to consider. 

James Gunn's Online Workshop

New year, and we have a new session, should we have enough interesting in one of the coolest online worhshops available!

This session will be later this summer, probably following the Campbell Conference.  The first spots have been offered to those on the wait list from last session - as of this post I haven't heard back on my email notice as yet, and if they cannot join in on this then those spots will also be open. 

The new list for this  summer's session,:

1) Eric Stark
2) Lee Hallison (sure)
3) Meagen Voss (sure)
4) Shannon Rampe (sure)
5) Evan Dicken (sure)
6) David Milstein (sure)
7) Adam Johnson (sure)

We have a few ready now, and there is still space to add in a couple more!

In this list we'll add those who are interested but might not be able to take it this session. Early next year there is a possibility for another session for those interested.

1) Damon Shaw

Post if you are interested, email as well!


Writing: End of Week update, 5/4/12 (Edited)

My push to write has continued uninterrupted to date, even with a day when I took most of a workday off from the job (where I do most of my writing on my breaks) for a tweaked shoulder.  This makes, to date, a total of 47,100 new words of fiction written, with three short stories and a novella completed! 

An observation regarding my 500 word goal.  I regularily double this, and occassionally triple it.  I probably could boost that goal number to 750 as a baseline, but...then I think I would feel pressure and begin to let it lapse.  Now I feel the excitement when I double my word goal.  It feels like a competition with myself that I can only win, and that makes it fun.  If I change it, feeling that a higher goal would work, then I think it would affect the flow.  And I LIKE my progress.  So many years not getting this done -

So, I had considered taking next week off for edits.  Different sort of thing, where the wordage doesn't count against my goal.  But it will be postponed until I hear back from a couple first readers on the novella, and too, I just completed one yesterday, and want to get feedback on that before heading into edit land.  So --

Anyone wanna be a first reader on a 4460 word Science Fantasy?

EDIT:  Well, today was really good - I have added in another 1800 words, making bothe the day and the week total the highest yet.  For the week, I came in at 6100.  I also completed a new story today. So -

Anyone wanna be a first reader on a 4460 word Science Fantasy?
AND/OR a 7600 word swamp tale with a rather quirky main character?

Writing update, the 2nd

Continued with my writing goal systam, and generally beat the 500 base words each day, oftne doubling that.  Since I began, I completed two short stories, a novella, and popped out over 39,000 words of  new fiction (those completions included.).  Sweet!

Writing Update

Since I started up the burner again on 2/28, I've written 26, 900 word in new fiction.  That's what, like 6 weeks or so? Heck, that means I can get a rough novel out in about 5 months, doesn't it?

Hm.  What do I have in the idea folders, I wonder?


I feel gut-kicked. Today I wrote 800 words, just 300 over my goal, but that shortcoming came from a realization that I have a crutch. Not physical, but mental. My flashdrive. Today I pulled it out while the desktop was scanning it and screwed up the file structure. And I panicked. I have backups, I use Dropbox. I have all my new work on a dirrerent drive. But- this was my flashdrive. It held my worlds. My pictures, my writing. And it would not read anything outside of a few files.

Anyone out there know how to recover a flashdrive that seems to think it only has 6 files on it?

That hurt.