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Afternoon (Sunday Edition) Thoughts

Don't have a lot on mind today...but feel like writing something other than my current WIP.  Each time I sit me down to jot down a word or two, they want to start something else, instead of finishing up my 1st month's resolution story.   I might get it done by the first few days of next month, which is all too near, now.

TV.  Apparently there's news that some temporary agreements have been come to with some media houses, but from the list I saw, they are mostly movie instead of television.  I ended up watching an hour long show about the best Superbowl commercials last night.  You know you're in withdrawals when you sit through an hour of commercials!  Aren't the regular ones annoying enough?

Local Weather.  It spent most of the night and up to about 9am snowing here.  However, Nevada Weather Syndrome struck -- the sun appeared, the temperature rose, and the 3-4 inches of the nice cool white is 90% history now.  

Mundane Household Musings.  This last payday was Cupboard Restock Weekend.  Two trips and now all my odd cooking can goods are replenished, as well as a chunk of the needed freezer foods.  Note: Celestial Seasonings Green tea with Blueberry -- yumm!  Particularly with a dash of Splenda for sweetening.

Sports.  This year the Superbowl and my birthday fall together.  What does this mean to me?  Nothing.  Just that I get to watch football on my birthday.  Not too overly exciting, since neither team is one I really root for.  The exciting part for me is that there is a good chance that there will be another undefeated season team happen since the one when I was in high school.  

Writing.  My question here is that when you have built a world and an universe would you like/dislike it if other writers want to create stories in your world/universe?  Would the ego be flattered or annoyed?  Would you allow/disallow?  I have always wondered how I would feel if someone wanted to fanfic me and write in my world.  

Still waiting to hear from:
A&A: Poem
Shroud Magazine:  Short Story
Area 51 Writing Contest:  Deadline for that is 1-31, results around mid-February.  Short Story.

Who Really Was: Jeffrey Lord? (House name for the author (s) who wrote the parallel universe series, Richard Blade)

What Ever Happened To: Kevin O'Donnell Jr.  (LOVED his Flinger universe!  (Actually have a great idea for a fanfic novella that would be neat, if a "Friends Of" anthology for his universe ever came out!) )
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