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Sunday Worldcon Wrapup

Well, today is the last day of Reno's WorldCon, and I have to say I loved the experience, however much my feet may disagree.

The Workshop session left me with one big thought and lots of great advice for my story. The thought - I really need to take/join a critique workshop (it was recommended that I join Codex, or set up a local). EVERYONE had huge, in-depth analysis on characters, viewpoint, action, flow, while I just had mediocre macro advise on how the other stories worked for me to offer. It was great meeting Richard Lovett and LJ Berger, and meeting again Matt Rotundo and Jo Rhett, and hope to again one day.

The book lover in me came out some as well. I spent a bit of time talking books with Glen Cook, Bookseller (not as Glen Cook, Author) about a few releases back in the day that became unexpected rarities, expensive additions to complete sets.

Other highlights include a cool talk with Connie Willis on books and a (sorta) shared name; photos of a steampunk boutique where the ladies were happy to pose for me; seeing the old-timers around the SFWA table; reminiscing at the Foglio table about comics, and many more such.

Biggest disappointments - by the time I got to the Vallejo signing from the workshop the line was too long to reach him before his signing window was up. Also missed Larry Niven, another whom I'd hoped to get an autograph from. Eh, I didn't have them before, right?

Today is it - then back to life.


Aug. 21st, 2011 03:47 pm (UTC)
I think I actually checked into them once, but felt that either I couldn't fulfill obligations or didn't qualify. However, I'm a little more inclined to work on that now.