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Gunnshop List (so far), Updated

The list for the first session, to begin as soon as we get a couple more definites in:


1) Christine Lucas (sure)
2) Caryn Cameron (sure)
3) Lesley Smith (sure)
4) Dora Furlong (sure)
5) Chris Behrsin (sure)
6) Kevin McNeil (sure)
7) Bryan Thomas Schmidt (sure)

We have a few ready now, and there is still space to add in a couple more!

In this list we'll add those who are interested but might not be able to take it this session.  Early next year there is a posibility for another session for those interested.

1) Eric Stark (possible)
2) Lee Hallison
3) John Harper (possible)
4) Damon Shaw

Also, if you are not too sure about taking this over the holidays and over NaNoWrite November, let me know and I will add you to a second group for the beginning of next year. 

Post if you are interested, email as well!