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Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone who might be reading this post who celebrates this holiday is having a fine day, surrounded by family and friends.  And for anyone who might be reading this who does not have this holiday - I hope the same!  Go party, and be thankful!  I'm certain everyone can!


Feb. 1st, 2012 03:08 pm (UTC)
Thanks for asking!

Well, sorta feeling it now - just had to get computer glasses. I’ve used readers on-n-off, but now this kinda hammers in the fact of the aging thing. Since it’s not really something anyone can do anything about, I usually try to keep getting older in perspective; however, I have a fairly decent memory, and I can remember when all this didn’t affect me!

There’s still years (decades, hopefully!) yet before I pinch nursing home nurses’ backsides and shake my cane from my wheelchair at people, thank goodness…