Willis Couvillier (will_couvillier) wrote,
Willis Couvillier

Writing: End of Week update, 5/4/12 (Edited)

My push to write has continued uninterrupted to date, even with a day when I took most of a workday off from the job (where I do most of my writing on my breaks) for a tweaked shoulder.  This makes, to date, a total of 47,100 new words of fiction written, with three short stories and a novella completed! 

An observation regarding my 500 word goal.  I regularily double this, and occassionally triple it.  I probably could boost that goal number to 750 as a baseline, but...then I think I would feel pressure and begin to let it lapse.  Now I feel the excitement when I double my word goal.  It feels like a competition with myself that I can only win, and that makes it fun.  If I change it, feeling that a higher goal would work, then I think it would affect the flow.  And I LIKE my progress.  So many years not getting this done -

So, I had considered taking next week off for edits.  Different sort of thing, where the wordage doesn't count against my goal.  But it will be postponed until I hear back from a couple first readers on the novella, and too, I just completed one yesterday, and want to get feedback on that before heading into edit land.  So --

Anyone wanna be a first reader on a 4460 word Science Fantasy?

EDIT:  Well, today was really good - I have added in another 1800 words, making bothe the day and the week total the highest yet.  For the week, I came in at 6100.  I also completed a new story today. So -

Anyone wanna be a first reader on a 4460 word Science Fantasy?
AND/OR a 7600 word swamp tale with a rather quirky main character?

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