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My push to write has continued uninterrupted to date, even with a day when I took most of a workday off from the job (where I do most of my writing on my breaks) for a tweaked shoulder.  This makes, to date, a total of 47,100 new words of fiction written, with three short stories and a novella completed! 

An observation regarding my 500 word goal.  I regularily double this, and occassionally triple it.  I probably could boost that goal number to 750 as a baseline, but...then I think I would feel pressure and begin to let it lapse.  Now I feel the excitement when I double my word goal.  It feels like a competition with myself that I can only win, and that makes it fun.  If I change it, feeling that a higher goal would work, then I think it would affect the flow.  And I LIKE my progress.  So many years not getting this done -

So, I had considered taking next week off for edits.  Different sort of thing, where the wordage doesn't count against my goal.  But it will be postponed until I hear back from a couple first readers on the novella, and too, I just completed one yesterday, and want to get feedback on that before heading into edit land.  So --

Anyone wanna be a first reader on a 4460 word Science Fantasy?

EDIT:  Well, today was really good - I have added in another 1800 words, making bothe the day and the week total the highest yet.  For the week, I came in at 6100.  I also completed a new story today. So -

Anyone wanna be a first reader on a 4460 word Science Fantasy?
AND/OR a 7600 word swamp tale with a rather quirky main character?


May. 5th, 2012 03:49 am (UTC)
Thanks - its easy when the words flow nicely. Today I completed another story, and also put in the most words in a single day since I began, pumping out a bit over 1800. It was also my best week, coming in at over 6100 words. I think it will slow some now. The rest of my projects are newer and I'll have to think more on the writing...they haven't had quite as many years lingering in my subconscious to be quite ripe enough yet!