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Dusting off the Chair

Been so long since I've posted that I wondered if I have a recluse gene going now....

However, just been busy and tired, so that's all to it.  Here's a bit of updating -

On Writing - finishing the year at 120,000 words and 15 ss completions.  2013?  Well, we'll see.  The writing has become slower and more difficult now that the "easy" stories (those that's been fermenting in mind for a decade or two) has been written.  I hope to reach that goal for a years work.  120k seems neat, specially for someone as slow as I am to get things out.

On Life - eh, been busy, been tired, been ready to veg but not really able to yet. 

On Entertainment - been winding down to a computer game, but finding that computer games that require a stong constant focus are as draining as work. 

On Plans - San Antonio 2013!  I have my WorldCon membership, and will be there (barring life circumstances, of course - made too many plans in the past that fell to that) hoping to meet faces that I've known for years as online friends.  Anyone going?  I'll hang around at autograph tables and the SFWA set-up, day-dreaming of the day I can claim that membership as a cred....

So, I hope all reading this is having a great holiday.  I'm off for another long workday, more tiredness, and probably another spell of dust gathering on this chair.....



Dec. 20th, 2012 05:23 pm (UTC)
Hi Will! So good to see you're back! Hope you and your loved ones have a happy holiday.

Dec. 21st, 2012 01:40 pm (UTC)
Just my wife and myself here now, so we have a simpler go of it, althought it's not quite the same.