Willis Couvillier (will_couvillier) wrote,
Willis Couvillier

Still here...

Howdy, all!

Yep.  I am still here, still reading.  And writing.  And making plans for convention trips, or rather, for WorldCon this year.  Even have my wife, She-Who-Hates-This-Stuff, set for the San Antonio trip. I'm jazzing about that one!

Writing has started slow this year.  I'm still sorta stuck on having finished all the long-fermenting story ideas I had last year, so the newer work is coming at a more difficult pace.  I only have 10,000 words down so far, with two short completions.  But I did figure out that I can throw down a 500-1000 word beginning pretty quick - these starts might just supply me with my next batch of tales.

I hope to get a theme question out there.  For those of you who have done tales in the superhero genre do you find it harder to work up the hero over the villain?

Anyway, talk later, and great to see everyone still around!

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