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[2009] Preditors & Editors Reader's Poll, Update

Being an author who has had a few stories published by Hadley Rille Books it pleases me to see the presence this company has in this years poll!  Desolate Places, one of the volumes published last year including a story of mine is slowly climbing the ranks on the Anthology list.  from what I see I think all of the antjhologies published last year by Hadley Rille Books in on the list.

On the Short Story, SF&F list HRB stories top the list!  "Tomb" an awesome tale by Z. S. Adani and a top story in Desolate Places, bounces between 1st and 2nd place!  "Old World Magic", by Adele Cosgrove-Bray and featured in Ruins Metropolis has been bouncing between 3rd and 4th spot.  Gustavo Bondoni has a story in 3rd spot as of this writing - it isn't one published by Hadley Rille Books, but Gustavo has had a couple very fine tales in HRB anthologies.

Eric Reynolds, the editor/publisher of HRB, is on the editor list -- if you haven't voted yet, please consider supporting this amazing person!

And, here again is the link to the site:

Preditors & Editors Reader's Poll

You don't have to be a Hadley Rille author -- just vote! I know I did.

[Event] Sundance Bookstore Reading/Signing Event

I survived!
I did not have a stroke, heart attack, or kidney failure from actually reading my work, even though there were moments where I thought for sure any one or all of the above were about to happen. So, let's talk about the event!
July 2nd.  The Prep.
I took a half-day from work so to meet up with the other HRB authors attending. Everyone from out of town was arriving at different times through the day, with the first, Jude-Marie Green saycestsay, arriving at approximately 1pm, then Mary Ellen Martin mehub around 2pm, Camille Alexa littlebirdblueat around 3pm, and Floyd Edwards (F. V. "Ed" Edwards) at 3:30. My plan was go home, change from the work duds to jeans, then head back into town around 3 to start meeting up with everyone. 
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All in all this was a really cool event. I had a great time meeting everyone, from seeing those I’d met before to meeting the new authors I had only know from a name and email before. It is something I’d do anytime and anywhere I had the means to reach. However, I dunno about the reading part of the thing. How many times will it take for me to get used to that?!

Ruins Metropolis now Available!

~~~~  Ruins Metropolis
The third volume in the Ruins series from Hadley Rille Books.  Thirty-five fantasy and science fiction stories based on Debbie Hughes's most excellent cover illustration, "The Spirits of Hathor." 

Herein you will find fantastic stories from these authors --

Camille Alexa (littlebirdblue), Anna D. Allen, Megan Arkenberg, Chris Benton (die7fox), Brenta Blevins (ruralwriter), Leslie Brown, Alycia C. Cooke (alyciachristine), Adele Cosgrove-Bray (adele_cb), Willis Couvillier (will_couvillier), H. F. Gibbard (hfgibbard), Jude-Marie Green (saycestsay), Erin M. Hartshorn (abennettstrong), C. L. Holland (xanthalanari), Kate Kelly, Victoria Kennedy, Ahmed A. Khan (ahmedakhan), Stephen Graham King (chronicpaint), Heather Kuehl (malevolent_dead), Gerri Leen, Barton Paul Levenson, Kari Livingston, R. F. Long (rflong), Lyn McConchie, Jennifer Moore, Ransom Noble, Christine Poulsen, Gianna Robbins (bookend_2), Rob Rosen, Jacqueline Seewald, Jonathan Shipley, Gene Stewart, Meg Swanton, Sarah Totton, K. L. Townsend (kltownsend), Kim Vandervort (writerknv), Sarah Wagner (shade53). 

Edited by Eric T. Reynolds (ericreynolds). 

Currently available from Amazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk.

Order now!  Be one of the first to read my story, "Haroeris's Favor", a story of tragic impulses and what happens when an ancient god tires of ages of desecration and takes a personal hand in things....