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[Event] Sundance Bookstore Reading/Signing Event

I survived!
I did not have a stroke, heart attack, or kidney failure from actually reading my work, even though there were moments where I thought for sure any one or all of the above were about to happen. So, let's talk about the event!
July 2nd.  The Prep.
I took a half-day from work so to meet up with the other HRB authors attending. Everyone from out of town was arriving at different times through the day, with the first, Jude-Marie Green saycestsay, arriving at approximately 1pm, then Mary Ellen Martin mehub around 2pm, Camille Alexa littlebirdblueat around 3pm, and Floyd Edwards (F. V. "Ed" Edwards) at 3:30. My plan was go home, change from the work duds to jeans, then head back into town around 3 to start meeting up with everyone. 
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All in all this was a really cool event. I had a great time meeting everyone, from seeing those I’d met before to meeting the new authors I had only know from a name and email before. It is something I’d do anytime and anywhere I had the means to reach. However, I dunno about the reading part of the thing. How many times will it take for me to get used to that?!