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Updates --

WIP: 725 words yesterday, didn't quite complete it.  Two scenes to go, though.  Should get the rough done this weekend.

Poem: Eh, it was passed on.  

I think I'll share it here -- that way I can ask my friendly LF group mind if there is potential.  It is just one of many...


Can't you hear -- the whispers?
Can't you feel the cold --
Can't you scent the lost dreams?
Of bones deep under darkened mold?
The lost soldier; the hapless innocent -- 
All those nameless victims fallen --
Unremembered, unrecalled, these lost souls,
They who have had their human hopes coldly stolen.
Can't you hear the whispers?
The lost ones crying, hoping --
For us to hear, for us to know,
The reason for their tears?

Wrote it around '99, I believe.

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